About Us


VOXY is a couple-run business based in London and we are all for women! We were lucky enough to spend Christmas 2019 and New Year abroad - lots of sun at an amazing fitness camp and plenty of beers on the beach. It would be an understatement to say that we had holiday blues when we arrived back to the UK!

As we began training in our usual gyms we realised that the atmosphere was just not the same. It felt dull, everything was black, grey, perhaps with a splash of blue? We asked ourselves what we could do to change this (aside from bringing the sun home with us)…and so VOXY was born. 
  Our bright, vibrant and fun patterns bring your personality to the gym, give you that extra bit of motivation to train and leave no reason for you to pick up plain black leggings again.
  Now, as we are fitness fanatics we have made sure that our funky patterns do not compromise the quality of our sportswear. It is our promise that our carefully crafted sports material supports you in bringing your best performance everyday. There’s no need to compromise colour and style when you workout!
So, its a win, win!
  Give our best selling shorts a try and you’ll be just as enthusiastic about them as we are.
  Love, VOXY