VOXY - April 2020

7 of the best gyms offering online classes during lock-down

With all gyms and studios in the UK now closed we all have to rely on home workouts to keep us sane. If fitness is a big part of your daily routine it can feel a little overwhelming at the moment. It isn’t an ideal situation but it provides us with an opportunity to shift our focus to parts of our lives that may have been neglected during the hustle and bustle of daily, virus free life.

This is as true in fitness as it is anywhere else. If you are a Crossfitter or HIIT addict perhaps you can use this opportunity to dial back the box jumps and snatches and work on your much maligned mobility and flexibility or those moves you haven’t quite nailed. If you mostly weight train and have been bulking throughout winter now's your chance to get that heart rate up and start trimming down for summer. Whatever your goal there is someone, somewhere running an online class tailored to you, it’s just a case of finding it!

Finding these classes can be tricky given how many there are at the moment so we’ve compiled a list of our 7 favourite online classes from established gyms and studios so you can keep on top of your well being, both physical and mental! So stop trawling through Instagram and copying workouts from self-certified ‘fitness influencers’ and take a class run by one of the experts below!


Flykick brings a refreshing twist on those cardio/weights classes adopted by many studios by focusing on a combination of mind, body and kickboxing. We’ve actually been to a couple of their classes in London so can certainly vouch for them! Flykick focus on making you feel ‘happy, motivated and on top of the world’ when you leave their classes and their online workouts are no different. They are running a range of online classes everyday all run by their qualified trainers. You are able to sign up to classes for free or offer a donation on their website to take part. All the donations are going to their trainers who are out of regular work at the moment so it’s a worthy cause if you choose to donate!


1Rebel is probably one of the most well know studios in London and for good reason. In 5 years they have grown to seven studios within the capital and offer a wide range of classes from spin and HIIT to boxing and yoga. 1Rebel have also created one of the most complete home workout programmes available with ‘Rebel TV’. With over 130 workouts, updated daily Rebel TV covers everything you could possibly want from a home workout. They’re currently offering a 5 day free trial after which it bumps up to £15.99 so go ahead and make use of their free trial and see if it is for you.

Core Collective

Core Collective, another well know fitness studio with 3 locations in London have developed a similar programme to 1Rebel which they’ve called CCTV. Core Collective pride themselves on having the best fitness trainers in London so you know that your classes will be tailored to push you to the max without risking injury unlike some of the crazy home workouts going around at the moment.

CCTV has several styles of workout from sweat (fairly self explanatory) to strength classes with yoga and pilates classes available as well. CCTV is currently running a 7 day free trial after which it charges just £9.99 a month. 

Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory have some of the most intense workouts going. Their classes burn up to 1000 calories and aim to get your body into a state during which it burns calories for the next 36 hours by getting you into the ‘Orange Zone’. Their classes are all technology tracked to make sure that you are working in the correct ‘zones’ to get the most out of the workout. Heart rate monitors also supply real time performance metrics which are displayed on a big screen so there is nowhere to hide!

Orangetheory are currently running several daily workouts completely free on Instagram Live. They post the daily schedule Make sure to check out their account @OrangeTheoryLondon and take part in one of their classes. 


If yoga is your cup of tea then you’ve likely heard of YogaWorks. YogaWorks is one of the most well established yoga practices in the world. Whilst most of its studios are in the USA they recently opened up a studio on London and are planning more in the UK.

YogaWorks are currently offering a huge (and I mean HUGE!) online class programme with over 1,300 online yoga classes for all abilities at your disposal. One downside is that all of the classes are streamed from the USA so most don’t begin until 12pm but they carry on late into the evening so if you are a night owl this may be perfect for you! They have a combination of both paid and free classes so take a look and decide what fits you. We’ve found that there are loads of free classes every day which is easily enough to keep us going.

School of Calisthenics

Calisthenics is a term which we don’t hear all that often and is probably one which we should all be much more familiar with. The definition of calisthenics is ‘gymnastic exercises to achieve bodily fitness and grace of movement’. That may sound intimidating but really it is just the practice of exercising using nothing other than your bodyweight. If you’ve ever wanted to nail a handstand or wow people with a human flag then this is the type of workout for you.

The School of Calisthenics are currently offering a huge free beginners calisthenics course spanning the length of four weeks. These are all workouts that you can do in your own time so there is no need to tune in live to any classes and you can do it at your own pace. If you decide that you love it they are also offering a free ‘bodyweight basics’ course to help you develop further. 


Conbody is a really unique fitness business based in the USA which specialises in ‘prison-style workouts’. Conbody was founded by Coss Marte a former drug dealer who spent time in prison. During this time he was able to lose 70 pounds in just six months with nothing but the walls and floor of his 9-by-6 prison cell.

Coss created Conbody in order to break down stereotypes to help other ex-cons like himself have a second chance at life. As such all of Conbody’s instructors have spent time in prison making them masters of minimalist fitness. So if you’re feeling like you are trapped in prison at the moment (a bit dramatic I know…) then this is the programme for you! Conbody are offering their online classes for just £7 a month so is one of the best value options out there.