Become a VOXY Brand Rep!

Our shorts are loud and proud and as such we are looking for equally loud and proud individuals to become VOXY brand reps. 

You don't have to be a suspiciously flawless Instagram babe to become a VOXY brand rep. Our brand reps are a community of crossfitters, cross-not-so-fitters, yogis, pole dancers, runners, joggers, walkers, gym goers, gym avoiders, mums with tums and mums without tums.

If you love our products and can't help yourself but tell everyone about them then you are exactly who we are looking for! 

Brand reps are provided with a unique discount code to share with all of their friends/family/followers/fans etc. and each time someone orders from our website using your code you receive a commission! 

If you are keen to get started, create a brand rep account below and start spreading the word. 

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