About Us


Hi! We're Steph & Alex and we are the couple behind VOXY.

We launched our small independent business in 2020 as a 'side hustle' and were completely blown away by how quickly it took off! 

How did VOXY come about?

We were lucky enough to spend some of 2019 abroad at a fitness camp and as we began training in our usual London gyms we realised that the atmosphere was just not the same. It felt dull, everything was black, grey, perhaps with a splash of blue. We were tired of the intimidating atmosphere that surrounds fitness, weight lifting and CrossFit - moving our bodies should be fun and that 'fun' is exactly what we loved about training abroad. We asked ourselves what we could do to brighten up training in the UK… and so VOXY was born. 

  Our bright, vibrant and fun patterns spice up your workouts by bringing your personality to the gym and leave no reason for you to pick up plain black leggings again. If our sportswear gives you that little bit of extra motivation and confidence to move your body, smash a gym session or head outside for a walk, our mission is complete.
  Now, as we are fitness fanatics we had to ensure that our funky patterns did not compromise the quality of our sportswear - our shorts have been tried and tested by Olympians, England Rugby Players and CrossFit Games Athletes so it is our promise that our carefully crafted sports material will support you in bringing your best performance everyday. There is no longer a need to compromise style or performance when you workout! It's a win, win!
  The VOXY community has already grown to a size that we could never have imagined so thank you to everyone who has joined us on this journey and made this movement a success!

  Steph & Alex